Kelsey Loeb – Mrs. Winter Garden



Kelsey Loeb is a Mother to her beautiful daughter, Lexi who is two years old. She is happily married to her husband Neil Loeb, who is an artist. Mr. and Mrs. Loeb own a successful business called Iphotocanvas which creates custom framed art pieces. Iphotocanvas donates beautiful custom portraits to the winning titleholders of several Mrs. and Miss America pageants.

Kelsey is a substance abuse advocate. She has a passion for helping people struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction. She stands behind Victoria’s Voice Foundation. Her mission is to provide support to people in rehabilitation centers, state institutions, and hospitals. She plans on supporting her mission by donating Victoria’s Voice book, public speaking, and educating people on alternative methods of coping.

Kelsey was prescribed medication from a Harvard doctor at a young age for ADD, anxiety, and insomnia. She eventually built a tolerance to the medication and became addicted. She is a survivor of a prescription drug overdose and is celebrating four years of sobriety.

Kelsey is caring and brave enough to be transparent about her past addiction to prescription drugs. Kelsey is trying to make the younger generation aware of the dangerous and lifelong consequences of drugs or alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, she is witnessing the drug epidemic getting worse instead of better.

When she is not working or taking care of her family and pets, Kelsey enjoys traveling and learning about other people’s cultures. Her hobbies include biking, running, hot yoga, kickboxing and weight training.

She is honored to be a part of the Mrs. Florida America pageant history.