Madison Buff – Mrs. Palm Beach



Being raised by a military Captain, I was shown by example that actions speak louder than words and community involvement not only helps others, but feeds the soul. I have cherished the work I’ve been involved with over the years with The Palm Beach Opera, NAMI, and Big Dog Ranch & Safe for Newborns as well as others. A creative way I’ve found to give back is a dear friend and myself go to different charity events and sell fine antique and new pieces of jewelry and give a good portion of our sales as

donations. Going to the headquarters of these charities and seeing how the money is being put to use helps me educate others on why contributions are essential. I also try to impact my community on a smaller scale by always being a shoulder to cry on to friends and family in-need and participating at the food drives in my town. I aim to always leave people better than I found them, and aim to always brighten the day of anyone’s path I cross when I can.

I have had the opportunity to work in digital marketing from the age of 14, when I got my first client as one of my mom’s friends who was an artist looking to showcase her work online. Ever since my first client I was hooked on digital marketing and went to school at Lynn University to complete my bachelors degree in Communications & Digital Marketing.

I am passionate about my company that is a full service social media marketing company. Social media is a great way to connect with community and I am forever grateful for my skills to be able to do that. In my past I have been a nanny and a care taker, my love for helping others is never ending. I believe we should always leave people better than we found them.

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my husband, walking our french bulldogs, meeting new people, listening to an empowering podcast, & learning new recipes.

Special Talents: Surfing.

Social Media Handles: @madi.buff