Jill Annette Short – Mrs. Dupont Circle DC

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Down to earth, fun-loving and creative, Jill has a spirit which touches people in a very real way. Born to missionary parents, she lived much of her childhood in the beautiful but underprivileged islands of Micronesia. She is married to her best friend, Ray, and is the proud mother of ten, and even prouder grandmother of eight—her deepest inspiration stemming from her faith in God and her belief that “we were made to thrive, not merely survive”.

Jill is a business owner, cultural liaison and translator/interpreter of four languages. With a degree in English and counseling/theology, she is a nine-time published author, motivational speaker, musician and cultural performer, currently working alongside the FSM Embassy and Consulate General, aiding in language, cross-cultural awareness and diversity.

As Mrs. Dupont Circle—and in every other aspect of her life—it is Jill’s heart to connect and empower people through her platform “Love in any Language: Bridging Cultural Barriers.” She looks forward to fully utilizing this amazing opportunity to showcase HOPE in our nation’s capitol and beyond through her story, her visibility and her life.
“I dare you to take off the mask of perfection and to show up as you are…because when we are real, that’s actually when we heal. And those around us just might heal too.” -A. Hetherington