Karli Abbott – Miss Talbot County MD

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As a freshman at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Karli is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. One of her many passions is volunteering, serving her community with pride and dedication. As a member of her local fire department, Karli found a passion in not only fire prevention but also emergency medical equipment. While in high school, she served as her county fire prevention queen, using the platform to travel to elementary schools’ in the community and teach fire prevention. At this time, she also started a fundraiser called Operation Have a Heart, which was to raise money to purchase Automated External Defibrillators’ for local buildings and to teach basic life-saving manoeuvers. Fire prevention and emergency medical teaching is not only important to the state of Maryland but the whole country as many deaths’ in the U.S. can be prevented if people had the proper equipment or preventative training. As Miss Maryland, Karli plans to make sure students of all ages have a basic understanding of fire prevention, the importance of fire safety, and how to perform live-saving first aid measures in the hopes that one day, these skills could save a life.