Marchette Richardson-Smith – Mrs. Georgetown DC

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Dr. Marchette Smith is a detail-oriented professional with thirty years of experience in non-profit management. She has overseen services provided to children in foster care, youth living in residential facilities, the mentally ill, and those fighting addictions. Having solid communication skills, Dr. Smith is excellent at building relationships within communities. She is a member of the NAACP and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., two groups dedicated to community empowerment. She works with the groups to raise funds for college scholarships, ensure no child goes without Christmas, and educate families about nutrition. She supports the American Heart Association, volunteering in their fundraisers. Dr. Smith was the third to graduate in her doctoral class and the first to publish. Her research focuses on training availability and practitioners’ ability to diagnose substance abuse disorders; the outcome showed that few care providers receive substance abuse training. She has watched clients, including her cousin, overdose from opioids. She has worked with people dealing with end stage alcohol addiction and helped families conduct interventions. She is married to Michael Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at NPR. The couple has one child and is working together to open a substance abuse treatment center.