2021 Dare2Dye Contest

I lived abroad in England for a few years and they had a charity event for breast cancer called shave or dye. Where I fell in love with the premise of it. Where participants get their friends and family to sponsor them to shave or dye their hair.

We are not saved by good works but by the grace of God. And because of that love shown to me by God I’m compelled to want to do good. So when I knew I was coming back to the states I knew I wanted to do something similar to help a charity here at home and I knew I wanted to put my own spin on it. Then when thinking of the charities I wanted to help I thought why help just one? Why couldn’t I do something that could help as many as possible.

That’s when the idea of Dare to Dye formed long before it got its name. Multiple hair dye styles for multiple charities. I started saving so I could cover as much as possible of the set up cost myself. I wanted to pay for the dye job out of my pocket so as much of the money as possible could go to the people and organizations that need it most.

I did as much research as I could. I ask friends and family for info on how to do it if they had any. I found out what I could though it wasn’t much so I jumped in pretty blind. I am still a little intimidated by this undertaking. But I hope some good can come from it. I planed to do this the spring of 2020. But I think we all know how that year went. But with the vaccine I think it’s just safe enough for me to do this.

I gave up one hoping to do a lot of things for years until this blows over but I didn’t give up on this dream. So I know times are hard but as we get back to normal if you could spare a dollar for a worthy cause I can name a few or if you’re like me and it’s hard to choose then maybe pick a hairstyle you like. It all goes to good use.

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