Heather Gurney – Mrs. East Coast



Heather is the Proud Mother of Three Girls and Enjoys Inspiring Women and Men to Live their Best Life. Her Dedication to Wellness & Fitness has been a Life long Passion of Hers.

She has been Married to her Handsome Husband Pete for 17 years and Together they are Raising Strong and Confident little girls.

She is the Owner and Operator of Heather’s VIP Style Studio and a Wellness Coach with Isagenix.

She is Absolutely Delighted to Represent Married Women Across the State of Florida.

She is on a Mission to Continue to help families and Children Across the State of Florida through her Aspens Inspiration Foundation.

She is the Founder of C.A.R.E ( Children ADD/ ADHD Reaching Excellence. A Support Group for Children with ADD. She uses Art, Music and Drama Therapy to help them cope and manage their symptoms.

She firmly believes Every Child Should Feel Connected in this World.

She looks forward to working with the Florida America Pageant Committee and Promoting the Wonderful Mrs Florida America Pageant System.