Ilona Nesterova – Mrs. Miami



Ilona Nesterova, a happy wife and grateful mother of two, is the National Ambassador for the “Florida for Ukraine” project and a co-founder of the “Lion King Tavadia Foundation” where she aspires to help women break out from physical, psychological or financial abuse by providing a safe platform of self-defense classes, psychological help, and financial education.

Ilona was born and raised in Ukraine during uncertain times of human rights violation through the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because of the dangerous surroundings of her childhood years in an abusive household, Ilona is now dedicating her life to raise awareness of the problem of domestic violence and abuse. She believes this work can benefit globally, especially today when all principles of humanity are abused with the attack and aggression against Ukrainian people.

Ilona hopes that she can support more women in abusive situations with the help of this platform. She truly believes in the words of Mother Teresa: “We can all do small things, with great love… together we can do great things.”