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“Give a girl a pair of heels and watch her conquer the world!”

…And take on the world she has!! Trisha is a wife and mother, a passionate Realtor, and lover of lip gloss and fashion! She and Joe have been married for 9 years, and together they have 3 daughters, 2 sons, and 3 grandchildren! They love traveling, attending concerts, and the friendly competition in the house for the Florida-Georgia Game or when the Vikings play Green Bay. They settled in Saint Augustine 6 years ago, and they take advantage of being outdoors or at the beach as much as possible.

Trisha has built a successful career in real estate over the last five years and works for Riverside Homes, a prominent new home builder in Northeast Florida. She knows the impact that finding a home can have on a family, especially those who have been affected by cancer. This year alone, she helped at least three families who have battled or are battling cancer. Trisha felt led to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and she has worked hard to support her beautiful friend’s quest for Woman of the Year, the major fundraising campaign for the LLS. If working towards a cure saves just one person, it’s worth every effort made!

She also stands behind the Victoria’s Voice Foundation. Drug addiction does not discriminate, and it is far reaching. Those affected have a village behind them, and personal experiences with family have made Trisha realize that it takes a village on both sides of drug addiction. The more we can address this early and head on, the better chances we have in saving lives. Victoria’s Voice is taking massive steps to increase education for parents, to reach teens and children early, and get life saving resources into the hands of every first responder. It’s a start, but there is so much more work to be done.

When Trisha’s not writing a contract or hosting a fundraiser, she can be found in the gym, reading, or cheering on her children, typically at a baseball field or more recently on the soccer field.