Valentina Shtefan – Mrs. Coconut Creek



Valentina Shtefan is a Doctor of Medical Science, aesthetic medicine practitioner, and a business owner. She is married to her husband Kevlar Mckay, and together they have a beautiful, five-months-old baby boy, Ivan.

Valentina founded the Hello Gorgeous Medical Spa, an aesthetic clinic where she and her team of experienced professionals help women to look and feel beautiful.

Making a difference has always been important to Valentina. Through her medical clinic she has done several fundraisers to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). She also founded a “Total Transformation” program which allows some working moms to receive thousands of dollars worth of beauty treatments free of charge.

With the beginning of the war in the Ukraine, Valentina felt compelled to do something to help. She elected to use her platform to support families affected by war. She has created a fundraiser through her clinic to collect donations for UNICEF’s relief effort in the Ukraine. She has personally contributed to several private organizations and to the Ukrainian church. Valentina has also made an appearance and volunteered at a local fundraiser event for the Ukrainian Red Cross.