Keisha Ruiz – Mrs. Annapolis MD

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About Keisha Ruiz – Mrs. Annapolis MD

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The Maryland America Dynamic Delegate Award goes to the contestant with the most votes by August 29, 2020. She will automatically earn her place as a semi-finalist during the Maryland America Pageant competition.

Keisha Ruiz proudly serves as an Active Duty Soldier in the United States Army with a focus on military operations. During her community service throughout the state, she discovered that her true passion is empowering women to have a successful work-life balance. Being stationed in Maryland has afforded her the opportunity to mentor and motivate people from all walks of life with hopes of inspiring them to become future leaders of our country.

Keisha and her husband Luis have six beautiful children together and they are passionate about seeking outreach opportunities to make a difference throughout the state. Keisha believes that empowering women to invest in a successful career and a healthy lifestyle is the key to strengthening the Maryland community. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to represent some of the most accomplished women in the Armed Forces and the wonderful State of Maryland.