Kristine Wood – Mrs. Chesapeake Bay

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About Kristine Wood – Mrs. Chesapeake Bay

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The Maryland America Dynamic Delegate Award goes to the contestant with the most votes by August 29, 2020. She will automatically earn her place as a semi-finalist during the Maryland America Pageant competition.

Kristine Wood is a mother of four amazing children, a Registered Nurse; Recently hanging up her scrubs after more than 10 years as an ER nurse, and now an entrepreneur. Kristine is the owner and founder of Naptown Holistic Health, where she teaches Yoga, Cycle, Reiki, and is a Certified Holistic Health Nurse; helping people transform their lives through mindful movement, nutrition and holistic wellness with a special focus on women’s health and wellness.

A dedicated mother, Kristine home schools her children, regularly holding classes with sidewalk chalk and the driveway as a blackboard. Kristine is passionate about health and wellness and the important role it plays in life.

Kristine is pursing The Mrs. Maryland America title to bring awareness and change practices related to women’s mental health, particularly in the postpartum time. Postpartum depression and anxiety affect millions of new mothers daily and there is little in the way of awareness, education, resources, or help available to women in this crucial time in life. Kristine is working with Mental Health for Mother’s to help local mothers find resources and help. She is also hopeful to complete and fully implement a combined project between the hospital and local ob/gyn office that provides a more comprehensive care plan for women during their fourth trimester.