Ruth Vinga – Mrs. Bel Air

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About Ruth Vinga – Mrs. Bel Air

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The Maryland America Dynamic Delegate Award goes to the contestant with the most votes by August 29, 2020. She will automatically earn her place as a semi-finalist during the Maryland America Pageant competition.

Ruth’s bio:

I am Ruth Vinga. My husband Adrien and I have been married for 8 yrs. We have 2 children David and Seraphine.
I am interested in Empowering underprivileged girls, and also teaching them leadership so they too can take up space. I provide scholarships for girls to technical education. I travel the world, which helps me to educate myself and appreciate other cultures. I read a lot of different books to expand my knowledge. I cook healthy nutritious meals, for Health is wealth

My platform is empowering the underprivileged, with a stronger focus on the girl child. I award annual scholarships to several underprivileged girls in Cameroon. I volunteer at homeless shelters and veteran homes. I graduated as an RN with honors at Montgomery County College of Nursing and acquired a BSN with a 3.8 thereafter. I have a Master’s degree in Visionary Leadership and will graduate with my PhD. in Political Science and conflict resolution.