Seraphina Cromwell – Miss Bel Air

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About Seraphina Cromwell – Miss Bel Air

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The Maryland America Dynamic Delegate Award goes to the contestant with the most votes by August 29, 2020. She will automatically earn her place as a semi-finalist during the Maryland America Pageant competition.

Seraphina Ansah Cromwell was born in Ghana, where she always dreamt of a stage full of lights and cameras to entertain her audience with her creative talents. In immigrating to the US and being exposed to more creative opportunities, she soon learned that the stage was a lot more about service. Seraphina teaches a Modern Dance Class, where she gets the privilege of helping young girls and boys express themselves through dance. She loves brunch!

Seraphina is a University of Delaware Graduate with a Bachelors in English. She works as an Operations Associate at Morgan Stanley. As a YouTuber, Seraphina is pursuing this title as a way of building more influence in serving both her physical and virtual community with content that uplifts, entertains, and enlightens all who watch. She is currently working on a creative skit series which will explore healthy ways of dealing with rejection.