Stephanie Bendoraitis – Miss Baltimore

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About Stephanie Bendoraitis – Miss Baltimore

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The Maryland America Dynamic Delegate Award goes to the contestant with the most votes by August 29, 2020. She will automatically earn her place as a semi-finalist during the Maryland America Pageant competition.

Stephanie Bendoraitis is an Analyst working in records management, research and technical writing for the Miltary with more than 5 years experience working for the Department of Defense. She’s the mother of a nine year old fur baby named Harvey. Stephanie graduated Magna Cum Laude at Arizona State University where she received her Bachelors of of Science in Communication. Her hobbies include: hiking, cycling, singing, dancing and fashion photography. Stephanie in starting her YouTube channel this year and hopes to enlighten and entertain others in pursuit of fashion, lifestyle and fitness.

Following in the footsteps of her late uncle Rex T. Mcgraw who was an exceptionally talented actor and drama professor at Colombia University, she too has pursued a similar path in life. Stephanie acted in her first short film last year, and has done commercial in the past. She also models and collaborates with other like individuals like herself with her goal of empowering others through fashion and the arts.

Stephanie is pursing The Miss Maryland America title to bring awareness to Women’s Housing coalition and Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. Two charities that advocates, supports, and enriches the lives of local women’s in domestic violence situations and helping the needy.

Stephanie helped to save the life of best friend and infant child when they had been in less than fortune situations. She truly feels that your faith is a driving force when it comes to helping those when you receive emergency calls. True friends are honor those friendship no matter what the challenges they may face. Stephanie wants to be an advocate for her platform and feels like it’s her destiny to serve her community.

Stephanie also founding the group, the Ambassador of hope by serving more than 300 homeless by doing meal prep and meal service. On another opportunity to serve her community she assembled 100 ‘Hope totes’ to hand out to her community. The totes contained sandwiches, water, sunscreen and chap stick and other essentials during the summer months when the things are absolutely necessary for survival.

Stephanie is very active in her community and is dedicated to empowering other women in domestic violence, volunteering for feeding the homeless, and helping shelter animals at the SPCA. Her love for the community and animals has given her a new outlook on life, especially in these uncertain times.