Emily Richards – Mrs. Johnson County

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Emily is a proud military wife and mom to her 2 year old son. Her husband is currently deployed and the inspiration for her platform, Supporting the Military Community: Helping Others Bloom Where They Are Planted. Her husband’s first deployment was 8 months after they got married and she felt alone in Germany where she had moved only 5 months prior. Without friends and a local support system she became passionate about helping other military families connect with resources to help them thrive in their given situations. She decided to compete in Mrs. Missouri America to amplify her voice, share her platform, and be an example to her son that even during a challenging season in life you are capable beyond your expectations. Plus, preparing for the competition has been a nice distraction while counting down the days until Robert is home!

Her chosen non-profit is the National Military Family Association. Their mission is to stand up for, support, and enhance the quality of life for every military family through bold advocacy, innovative programming, and dynamic and responsive solutions. NMFA was created by a handful of military wives in 1969 to establish survivors benefits for widows and since has grown to provide scholarships for spouses, camps for kids and families, and provide resources for the military community. NAFM continues to work with legislators on behalf of military families on major issues impacting the community.