BSG-75 Battlestar Galactica + ISS

About BSG-75 Battlestar Galactica + ISS

by: @GTomoi

It’s the Battlestar Galactica from the 2003 sci-fi-show with a same name!

The show has tense, realistic atmosphere with interesting characters and cool space battles. To illustrate my point, for example, there are no technobabble which conveniently solves a problem. There is no laser, just kinetic weapons. Also the ship gets scared and weary as the series progresses. I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already!

Anyway, BSG-75 Galactica is a huge battleship/space carrier, 1.5 km long with 2000 crew. It’s scaled to 1/3200, so it’s almost half a meter long. 20 A4 sheets are used in total, and consists of 218 parts!

The cool thing about this papercraft is that the two landing bays in the middle section of the ship can be contracted. The arms on which the landing bays are glued slides in and out of hidden boxes, which are inside the ship. In the series, these are from where space fighter, called Viper are launched and retrieved. When the ship travels faster-than-light, it contracts it’s landing bay.

As a side project, I built the International Space Station with same, 1/3200 scale. It only took 2 hours, in contrast to the Battlestar Galactica which took almost 3 months. This ISS is built for the purpose to illustrate how big the Galactica is. It could almost fit inside the landing bay!

I feel happy that I could built my most favorite spacecraft from my most favorite tv-show! Huge thanks to the makers of the Battlestar Galactica Ship Pack, Coxxon, MadJohn and Dave975! Also thanks to the CSIRO for the papermodel of the ISS. And thank you PaperJig for hosting this contest and giving a place to share the works!