Amber Uhler – Mrs. Gulf Coast

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Meet Amber Uhler, Mrs. Gulf Coast, a passionate advocate for swim safety and drowning prevention. Amber’s journey in advocating for this cause is deeply rooted in her own life experiences. As both she and her husband were non-fatal drowning victims as children, they understand firsthand the importance of water safety education and prevention efforts. Their personal struggles have fueled Amber’s determination to make a difference in the lives of others.

Amber’s commitment to this cause shines through her recent involvement in the passage of SB544 by Governor DeSantis. This groundbreaking legislation ensures that children aged 4 and under, who may not otherwise have access to swim lessons, can receive them for free. As an ambassador for the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, Amber is dedicated to spreading awareness and empowering communities to prioritize water safety.

Amber’s impact hasn’t stopped there. Recently, she heroically saved a child from drowning, reinforcing her unwavering dedication to promoting water competency and preventing tragedies.

Beyond her advocacy work, Amber finds joy and fulfillment in her career and role as a loving wife and mother. Together with her husband Jamison, a CBS news anchor, they cherish precious moments with their three young children, aged 4, 6, and 7. Whether it’s bonding over board games or playing flag football, their family time is filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

In her pursuit of the People’s Choice title, Amber pledges to donate 100% of the proceeds to the Victoria’s Voice Foundation. This foundation holds a special place in her heart, as it strives to combat the devastating effects of the drug epidemic. Through her dedication to supporting meaningful causes and positively impacting her community, Amber invites us all to join her in making waves for swim safety and drowning prevention. Let’s dive in together!