Lauren Hall – Mrs. Sarasota

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Lauren Hall, your Mrs. Sarasota, is a multifaceted individual whose life is driven by a passion for performance, community service, and advocacy. Lauren Hall is currently the Director of Donor Engagement at Sarasota Orchestra where she handles individual and Corporate giving. Lauren has taught music and private voice at a K-8 Performing Arts Charter School, led church choirs, and worked in various roles from caregiving to modeling and commercial acting. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the University of Tampa, where she graduated cum laude, and later earned a Master of Arts in Professional Communication. Her academic achievements are matched by her extensive involvement in leadership roles and community involvement.

Lauren is a certified fitness coach who enjoys helping others on their own fitness journey. She created, “Uniquely You: Overcoming Eating Disorders with a Healthy Body and Mind,” which reflects her personal journey and commitment to empowering others with their health. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Over 70% of people with eating disorders have comorbid conditions, most commonly anxiety and mood disorders which can cause them to cope with drugs or alcohol. Lauren’s mission is to continue to partner with the Eating Disorder Community and Victoria’s Voice which aims to reduce drug experimentation, addiction, and overdose. She currently is advocating with the Eating Disorder Coalition on Capitol Hill for the Nutrition CARE Act (H.R.6961/S.3010): Kids Online Safety Act (H.R. 7891/S.1409).

Beyond her academic pursuits, Lauren aspires to one day perform on Broadway and in film, leveraging her talents to inspire and entertain audiences through the power of the arts. As a trained musician and through her years of pageantry, Lauren was able to pay off her entire undergrad student loan, sing across the nation, and help unite and heal others through the power of music. Lauren’s motto is, Music Matters. She advocates to keep music education in schools and show children and individuals how music can change lives. According to the Namm foundation There are 3,609,698 students who do not have access to music in their schools. Additionally, 2,095,538 students do not have access to any arts education, which includes dance, music, theatre, or visual arts12. Ensuring equitable access to music and arts education remains a steadfast goal for Lauren.

Lauren has a profound dedication to military service, and is a proud military spouse. She has had the privilege of singing for a change of command service for a four star general, a president, gold star memorials, governors, congressmen and for numerous veteran’s events. She loves to use her voice to show her patriotism and pride for those serving our nation.

Lauren has sung for several major league baseball teams and for many fundraising events. She has accumulated over 7,500 hours of community service and earned numerous accolades, including a day named after her by the mayor of Sarasota, Florida and was honored as a recipient for 35 under 35 for her leadership roles. She has chaired Junior League’s little black dress event, raised money for breast cancer awareness, Children’s Miracle Network,and Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine. Lauren’s proactive approach to community engagement, professional performance career, and diverse experiences reflect a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact in the world around her. She loves Jesus, salads, her puppy, Disney, hiking, singing musical theater and opera, and is an avid “avocadoholic”.