Judith Kinnie

Mrs. Maryland America, Physical Fitness Award



Judith and her husband Jason share five children together, four girls and one boy. Their ages are 25, 22, 20, 18, and 16. She is a proud granny to two beautiful grandsons, ages 1 and 2. She is an avid traveler and loves to explore as much of the world as she can. Judy and Jason are big foodies as well, so finding local dives aired on Diners Drive-ins and Dives is a must during their travels.

Judy has worked for the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons for the last decade. She is also a leadership facilitator for her institution. Her passion is working with diabetic families and assisting them with becoming acclimated to living a healthy lifestyle with type 1 (T1D) or type 2 diabetes (T2D). Her daughter Maddy was diagnosed with T1D at age five, and since that day, she promised to live a diabetic lifestyle with her daughter so she wouldn’t feel alone.

In 2015, Judy published a book titled Dining with Diabetics and she donated it to JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Judy has hosted various community events called Dining with Diabetics, which brings diabetic families together to enjoy their favorite diabetic friendly recipes. The families share their meal and snack secrets and this fellowship assist in building supportive relationships that connects them with diabetics in their area.

Judy had the privilege in traveling to Harvard University and met two of the world’s most renowned diabetic researchers. She has assisted in raising awareness and financial support through various events such as children’s diabetes camp, Camp Kno-Koma, children’s school dances, diabetes walks, and presented on various news and media outlets.

If you or anyone you know have any questions on the differences between T1D and T2D, or would like prediabetes screening information, please reach out and she will be glad to assist you.