Lily Rivera

Miss DC for America Strong, Physical Fitness Award



Fierce yet poised, kind, and determined are some of the attributes that I take pride in. My career is within Commercial Property Management but my passion resides in the Modeling and Entertainment Industry. I am part of a Non-Profit Organization called WeModelUSA. The organization focuses on efforts and awareness against Human Trafficking and Women’s Empowerment. It is vital in my life’s journey, to contribute to and bring awareness to such an important cause and at the same time support the growth and education of females all around the world.

I love modeling and the broad spectrum the industry allows through its massive networking capabilities. To be able to empower our children, teenagers, and even adults through fashion and communal events is an art within itself. The ability to bring clothing, accessories, or a designer’s art to life is empowering on both ends and a priceless fulfilling feeling overall. My mantra is to “Push Through” & “Do Better to Be Better”, because with Love, Patience, and Persistence anything is possible.