How do I get started?

Click here. The signup process takes only a minute or two.


How do Super Shots online fundraisers work?

Super Shots gives people a fun, exciting way to support your business or organization. You can use our platform to quickly set up a customized photo contest site. Anyone can donate to place votes on their favorite contest entries for whatever price per vote you choose (the default is $1 per vote). When the contest ends, the entry with the most votes wins and you can give them any prizes you wish.


Is there a limit to how much can I raise with a Super Shots online contest?

No. You can raise as much money as you want.


What other benefits do Super Shots Photo Contest fundraisers offer?

  • increase awareness of your organization/cause
  • build your mailing lists
  • generate social media buzz


Are there any upfront fees?



How much does it cost to use Super Shots to administer my contest or fundraiser?

You will pay an 8.5% fee per contest donation. There are no other fees.


How long does it take to set up my contest?

Your contest can be setup within minutes. Once you submit the signup form and verify your email address, your new contest site is instantly live, and you can customize the content and add contestant information immediately.


Will I have access to donors’/voters’ contact information?

Yes. Whenever a person votes or participates in your contest, you will be able to view their contact information.


How quickly are the contest results calculated?

The current standings of your contest entrants are updated immediately whenever anyone votes. We display the updated results continually and as soon as your contest ends, the winners will be displayed.


Will I be able to manage/edit/download all of the content/images/etc. on my contest site?

Yes, you can do so at any time.


How do I receive the funds that my contest has raised?

All donations will be deposited directly into the Stripe or PayPal account of your choice (minus credit card processing fees and transaction fees). These donations are deposited into your account on a rolling 2-day basis in the case of Stripe, or sent to you weekly on Fridays if you use PayPal.