It’s easy to raise money with a Super Shots photo contest.

Step 1: Sign Up

This part is really quick and easy, and it’s free! Just fill out the signup form and your photo contest website will instantly be created.

Step 2: Set Up

When you first log in to your new site, you’ll see that there are a few pages to get you started – a homepage, About page, Prizes page, Entries page (for your contestants), etc. All you have to do is flesh out the content however you want. Our system gives you the freedom to add as many pages and images as you want.

At this point, we also recommend that you set up your payment account to get paid automatically whenever there’s a donation to your event (which happens when someone purchases one or more votes).

Step 3: Spread the Word

When you’re ready to promote your contest, simply copy the link or use our social media sharing buttons on each page to share it with your audience.

Step 4: Collect Funds

This part is also automatic. Every time someone buys a vote or a bunch of votes for your contest, you will instantly be paid according to our pricing rules. The money is yours to do with it as you please!

That’s it!