Alison Kear – Miss Warrenton

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Alison Kear, Miss Warrenton, is a Mother, Dance Teacher, Woman in STEM, and founder of Handing out Happiness. Her platform, Handing out Happiness, is dedicated to providing support to women and children residing in Women’s shelters.

Although she grew up in New York City, her heart and home now reside in the small town of Warrenton, Missouri, where her family owns a small-time farm.

Alison is bilingual and has a passion for language and culture. When she is not volunteering, spending time with her family, or working to place more women in STEM fields, Alison enjoys dancing, horseback riding, and reading.

With her platform, Alison hopes to combine two of her passions, technology and supporting women, by developing an application that provides easy access to resources for women to ensure their safety and encourage their mental health.