BreAndrea Hampton – Miss Butler County

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BreAndrea Hampton, Miss Butler Co, is a Junior at Southeast Missouri State University, a small business owner and a mother. Born and raised in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, she believes that a community is only as strong as its members. Holding multiple fundraisers, she has been honored to donate over $2,000 to local community efforts aiding local children in need.

BreAndrea has a passion for history, and is a tutor for children ages middle school-college. BreAndrea enjoys taking her sons to monster truck shows, on road trips, as well as teaching them ASL. BreAndrea also volunteers time with her boys spreading awareness for Victorias Voice, a non profit organization aiding families that have found themselves with a loved one struggling with addiction.

With her platform BreAndrea is able to speak out to children that may have found themselves in situations similar to hers. Growing up with the foster care system, finding herself in a physically abusive relationship as a new mother, and supporting herself and her children through college, BreAndrea is hopeful her story will inspire others to not let their situations determine their outcome.