Ravyn Elizabeth


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Ravyn Elizabeth is a proud, hardworking single mother of three amazing children. She holds a Masters of Education and is licensed to teach kindergarten through eighth grade. However, an entrepreneur to her core, Ravyn has owned a restaurant, coffee shop and currently owns a contract cleaning company for new build construction.

A leader amongst her peers, Ravyn has always been passionate about volunteerism; Working as an Americorp member and also helping to implement numerous other organizations such as Drug Free Communities to benefit the youth of her hometown in Vermont.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Ravyn dedicates her spare time to raising empathetic and compassionate children, authoring her book, supporting domestic violence victims in their fight for freedom, and working toward developing her non profit organization geared toward helping other domestic abuse survivors find their power.

Ravyn prides herself in being a light for others when they’re struggling to find their way out of the darkness of domestic violence. We are all given a story, and Ravyn is passionate about using hers to change lives.