Candece Koontz – Mrs. St. Louis

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Candece Koontz, of St. Louis, MO, is married to Ben Koontz. She has two children, Evan (15) and Nick (14). She is also a pet mom to Charly Jo, her female 1 year old pittie, Annabelle (12 year old cat) and Sebastian (7 year old cat) Candece is a current NHL Cheerleader for the St. Louis Blues (Blue Crew). Through Blue Crew, she loves community involvement with not only hockey fans but Duo Dogs (Therapy assisting dogs) and volunteers at the facility in her spare time. She is an advocate for Blessings in a Backpack (making sure children have meals when the leave school grounds).

Candece is a Federal Data Label Quality Specialist for an artificial intelligence company. She is in the process of finishing her Bachelors of Science in digital media.

Candece is also a skilled artist in paint and ink. She also makes candles, and donates part of the proceeds to Blessings in a Backpack, as well as Duo Dogs.