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Hayden Dugger, Mrs. Laclede County is happily married to the love of her life John Dugger. They are a blended family enjoying the roller coaster of life with three children together: two sons and one daughter. Hayden supports her community on various levels to include working as a full-time police officer, acting as a neighborhood watch liaison to help the community practice crime prevention, serving as a volunteer at the local domestic violence shelter COPE, and as a volunteer Operations Chief at the Laclede County Office of Emergency Management. Hayden’s platform is “How to Live a Happy Life at Home” with a special focus in domestic violence prevention and awareness. She wants every person to understand that they are worthy of feeling happy and safe within the walls of their residence. Hayden’s experience as a domestic violence survivor as a child and young adult and now in a professional capacity as a police officer are what yielded her to choose this as her platform. Domestic violence is a complex issue that does not discriminate among the different social classes, races, genders, communities, etc. She believes that this can happen to anyone and “we never know what happens behind closed doors.” The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence shows that ”1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner” and it is Hayden’s goal to show survivor’s that they are not alone, they are heard, and they are supported. Hayden intends to set the example for others that it is acceptable to come forward and speak about what is happening at home without feeling shameful for doing so.

Hayden also serves as an ambassador for the Victoria’s Voice Foundation in which she works to end the drug epidemic our country faces. As a first responder, Hayden understands that drug addiction is very real issue, and she has witnessed firsthand the destruction that can be caused if the issue is not properly addressed. We must approach this matter from multiple angles to include educating people at an early age, encouraging children to be drug free, assisting in policy changes for those struggling with addiction, and providing encouragement to those in need of recovery support. Hayden is a volunteer at DEA national drug takeback events and works assist in the proper channels of the justice system by removing illegal substances that are distributed and possessed within the community.

Since becoming Mrs. Laclede County, Hayden has created a social media outreach program where she has hosted multiple live stream interviews and podcast episodes speaking about the warning signs of domestic violence and drug addiction, how you can break the cycle of those issues, and the resources available to assist throughout the process. Hayden has also enjoyed making special appearances at women’s empowerment conferences, children's reading programs, and promoting the wonderful Mrs. Missouri America system.

When Hayden is not busy with work, volunteer events, and being a full-time college student, her favorite pass time is spending time with her husband and children. She loves turning anything with the family into an “adventure” no matter what they do and treasures their time the most because she understands that children will grow up in the blink of an eye. Love you all! Please vote Hayden Dugger Mrs. Laclede County for People’s Choice!