Hayden Dugger – Mrs. Laclede County

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Hayden Dugger is an army veteran, police officer, domestic violence survivor, advocate, and mentor. She is the founder of the “From Victim to Victor” podcast series that works to educate women on the warning signs of domestic violence, break the stigma of reaching out for help, and show that there is hope for a better future. Hayden’s experience as a survivor of domestic violence as a child and young adult and now in a professional capacity through her career as a police officer are what drove her to develop her platform of “Survivors to Thrivers”. Hayden recognizes that domestic violence is a complex issue that can impact all social classes and communities. It is her goal to show survivors that they are heard and supported, and she intends to set the example for others that breaking the cycle of abuse if possible and acceptable.

Last year, Hayden became an ambassador with the Victoria’s Voice Foundation which strives to bring an end to the drug epidemic our nation faces. This foundation was created by David and Jackie Siegel after they tragically lost their 18-year-old daughter, Victoria, to an opioid overdose in 2015. The Victoria’s Voice Foundation also serves as the philanthropy for the Mrs. America organization. As a frontline worker rendering aide in numerous drug overdoses, removing the harmful substances from the community, and witnessing firsthand the challenges drug abuse causes for families, Hayden knew in her heart that becoming an ambassador for the Victoria’s Voice Foundation was a calling for her. Hayden believes that we must approach this matter from multiple angles to include educating people at an early age, encouraging children to be drug free, and providing encouragement to those in need of recovery support. Due to Hayden’s efforts to create a positive change with the drug epidemic, she was humbly awarded “Outstanding Advocate” in August 2022 during Mrs. America Week in Las Vegas, NV.

Hayden is happily married to the love of her life John who also serves the community in a law enforcement capacity. They have three children Carter (11), Aubree (9), and Avery (3). Hayden supports her community through daily efforts to end domestic violence and drug abuse, participating in multiple volunteer events, making special appearances, social media outreach programs, and podcasts. Hayden is also a student at Drury University earning her Bachelor of Emergency Management. In her spare time, Hayden treasures her time creating family adventures, thrifting, crafting, and off-roading.