Janice Brumley – Mrs. Ozark

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Janice Brumley, Mrs. Ozark, recently married the love of her life, Todd Brumley and now has a bonus family of 5 children and 11 grands. She enjoys gardening, working outdoors, her fur babies, and supporting her community through volunteerism.

As a young child she was diagnosed with Dyslexia, a disorder that affects reading, writing, spelling, and short-term memory. She spent many years trying to hide it because she was embarrassed by the many challenges associated with the disorder. She now wishes to share her life experiences in order to bring awareness to Dyslexia and to help people better understand the challenges that those affected by this disorder experience day-to-day.

Her main platform is “Volunteerism is the Name of the Game,” doing and being an example for others and encouraging others to discover a passion to get involved in and “Go Volunteer!” Volunteer and others will follow your light. A VOLUNTEER is a person who is a light to others, giving witness in the mixed-up world we are living in, doing well and willingly the task at hand, and being aware of another’s needs and doing something about it.